A Way that You Can Add Value to Your Case While You're At The Hospital Emergency Room

We just published another video in our series How Can We… Help. This video tells you how you can get better medical care, medical attention, and add value to your case while at the hospital.

If you are taken to the hospital after your accident and are treated in the emergency room you should be very specific in describing all of your pain complaints. It is not enough to say that your back hurts! Instead, you should say something like the following: I have a sharp pain in my low back; I have a throbbing pain in my mid back; I have a burning pain in my shoulders that radiates down my arms and into my fingers.

The point is the more specific you are in describing your pain complaints then the better it will be for your doctor to develop a plan for your future course of treatment. This will enable you to get better quicker because the doctor will have a detailed understanding as to the nature and extent of your injury and what type of rehabilitative care to prescribe.

As an added bonus, these specific pain complaints should make their way into your medical record so the insurance adjuster, representing the person that caused your accident, will see the specific pain complaints and will better understand how injured you were in the accident. This process should continue with each and every doctor and/or healthcare provider that you see as you progress through your course of treatment.

This simple suggestion will enable your doctor or other healthcare professional to develop a comprehensive plan on how you can get better quicker and all of these notes should make their way into your medical record which will add value to your case when it is reviewed by the insurance adjuster.

Stay tuned for additional videos to follow that will provide you with a lot of practical information that will enable you to get more money for your personal injury case. If you have any problems or questions or have any suggestions for future videos, please do not hesitate to contact us.