Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents


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Motorcycle accidents frequently lead to serious injury and even death. The smaller size of a motorcycle, combined with its lack of external protection, place riders and passengers at a higher risk of injury out on the open road.

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Car vs. Motorcycle Accidents

The majority of motorcycle accidents involve other vehicles. Some of the most common types of car-motorcycle accidents include:

  • Right-of-way violations – Many drivers fail to see motorcycles or simply neglect to pay attention to them, leading to right-of-way violations that cause serious accidents.
  • Rear-end accidents – Sometimes, drivers misjudge their following distance behind a motorcycle. Since motorcycles weigh so much less than a passenger vehicle, a rear-end accident can force the bike into oncoming traffic, or even throw the motorcyclist from their bike.
  • Left-hand turn accidents – These accidents account for 42% of all car-motorcycle collisions (NHTSA). In the majority of cases, the car is making a left-hand turn and cuts off the motorcycle, resulting in an accident.

Roadway Obstacles for Motorcyclists

Motorcycle accidents Lawyer CT
  • Defective or Rough Roadways – A motorcyclist is often confronted with potholes, uneven surfaces, bumpy roads and other conditions, which can make for potentially hazardous driving.
  • Foreign Objects in the Roadway –Examples of these objects include branches, tire treads, rocks, and falling objects.
  • Slippery Surfaces – There are many situations or substances that can create slippery surfaces on the road, from rain to snow to sleet to a substance spill. Sand and gravel can also be hazardous.
  • Grating on Bridges – Certain bridges have metal grates that allow for water or other small objects to fall through the spaces in the grates. This can create a very unstable surface for a motorcycle, especially when moving from side to side or changing directions.
  • Removal of Old Road Surfaces – Removing the old surface often leaves ridges and makes maneuvering a motorcycle quite dangerous.
  • Expansion Joins & Edge Connections – Expansion joints allow two connecting sections of a road to move without cracking. Edge connections are where two traffic lanes create different heights in the lanes.
  • Animals – Motorcyclists can be confronted with a number of different wild or domestic animals on the roadways. These unexpected creatures cause a hazard.
  • Standing Water – A motorcyclist might lose control of the vehicle by virtue of hydroplaning on the road or a hidden pothole might be covered by the standing water.

Other Types of Motorcycle Accidents

A car or truck does not need to physically strike a motorcycle in order for the driver to be held responsible. Some motorcycle accidents occur when the motorcyclist is simply trying to avoid another vehicle's reckless maneuver. For example, a car may change into a lane without seeing the motorcycle there, forcing the rider to veer away and lose control of the bike.

Additionally, motorcycle accidents can be caused by defective parts within the motorcycle itself, or dangerous road hazards that have not been addressed by local transportation authorities.

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