Do I have a personal injury case?

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So I just got off the phone with the new client and the new client asked me a question that many clients ask and I thought it would be helpful to go over the answer and the question with you right now. And the question was “do I have a case?” And it’s a very common question to have... In other words, I get asked by people every day whether or not they can collect money damages from somebody for their injuries.

And the answer is, it depends on a number of issues and one of the major issues that we look at is one of liability.

And that is... who caused the accident / who is responsible for your injuries. You might have been rear-ended or hit from behind by another car and in most cases it is the car that hit you who is at fault. You might have been going straight and somebody makes a left hand turn in front of you… In most cases, the person making a left hand turn is at fault. There are other cases where it's a little bit more difficult where you had the green light then the other person says they had the green light and the police officer gets to the accident scene and they really can't determine who had the green light and who was at fault.

So what we need to do is, when we talk to you, we will gather some facts and if the injuries appear to be significant enough, we will conduct an investigation. Which might even include hiring a private investigator to go out and interview witnesses. This won’t cost you anything unless we collect money damages for you.

This is an interesting question. Call us today and we will be happy to answer your questions with no cost or obligation.

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