A Surefire Way to Avoid Being in a Winter Driving Accident

I have a driving tip for you that will guarantee that you will never be involved in an accident during a snowstorm, an ice storm, or during conditions when the roads are not properly sanded and salted.

In addition to sharing a great winter driving tip with you, I wanted to suggest that you strongly consider taking your new teen driver out to a large parking area, such as the mall, when there are few, if any cars around so you can practice safe driving techniques in the winter weather.

Unfortunately, our new teen drivers have little to no experience in driving in icy or snowy conditions. It is therefore very important that they get the feel of what it is like to slide or skid on icy surfaces in the confines of a safe parking lot rather than doing it on an interstate highway.

You should review the following tip with your teen driver, and make it is one of the hard and fast rules that you apply to accessing your motor vehicle.

This tip will guarantee that you will never get into an accident on icy or snowy roadways, If you utilize it. The tip is: stay home. If at all possible, you should not go out on icy roadways or during snowstorms or before all the roadways are properly plowed and salted because your risk of being involved in an accident are greatly increased.

Many times, a person will go out on the roadway knowing that they will drive carefully, will be aware of their surroundings, will slow down to keep their motor vehicle under control and are confident in their ability to properly operate a motor vehicle in icy and snowy weather. The problem is that there are many people out on the roadways that do not engage in the same level of care and when someone comes into your lane of traffic, or hits you from behind, or create some other type of hazard then you may not be able to avoid being involved in an accident.

I can think of few, if any reasons why your new teen driver should be driving during a snowstorm or in icy or snowy weather. Only in an emergency situation, should your new teen driver be allowed to drive under these conditions. A corollary to this is to make sure that you check the weather, and if it appears that there is going to be freezing rain or snow then you might wish to curtail both the driving privileges of your new driver and stay in yourself.

Please be careful during the upcoming winter months so you can avoid being involved in an accident and having to go through all of the pain, anxiety and collateral fallout that results from these situations. If you have any problems or questions about your Connecticut motor vehicle accident case please reach out to us will be happy to provide you with free books and advice.

Be careful out there!