Connecticut Halloween Accidents and What To Do

In less than a week, tens of thousands of children and teens will take to the streets for Halloween. Unfortunately, some of these children will be injured, some seriously, as a result of the negligence of someone else. In Connecticut, a personal injury action can be instituted against someone who causes injuries to another for a number of different reasons which would include negligent behavior, reckless behavior, criminal conduct or under some other theory such as strict liability. If your child has been injured, as a result of the fault of another, then you should consult with experienced Connecticut personal injury lawyer at the earliest possible moment.

Halloween injuries can result from a great number of causes such as:

  • Motor vehicle accidents;
  • Crosswalk accidents;
  • Tripping and falling as a result of some defect on a sidewalk, driveway or other walking surface;
  • Slipping and falling as a result of the negligence of another
  • Negligent supervision;
  • Being bitten by a dog;
  • Injuries caused by objects such as being poked in the eye by part of some accessory to a Halloween costume; and
  • Injuries caused at haunted house attractions, haunted hayrides or other types of commercial activities.

These injuries can range from broken bones, head injuries, spinal cord injuries, eye injuries, back injuries, cuts that require stitches, sprains, strains, and other types of soft tissue injuries. It is important that an injured person get medical attention as soon as possible so that the proper medical care can be provided to the injured party. It is also important to photograph any and all injuries, and the cause of the injury if it is subject to being memorialized in a photograph such as a defective sidewalk or the place where the accident occurred.

If injured in a Connecticut Halloween accident, you should also contact the police so that the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident and the resulting injury can be investigated and a report can be made setting forth all of this important information. You should also contact the Connecticut personal injury lawyer at the earliest possible moment so that you can have your rights explained to you and understand what you should be doing and what you should not be doing. One of the things that you should never do is to speak with the insurance adjuster of the person that caused your child's accident.

If you or someone you know has been injured in some type of a Connecticut Halloween accident please contact one of our experienced Connecticut personal injury lawyers at the earliest possible moment. You can also download any one of our free books that set forth information on accident cases including what you should do, what you should not do, how you can get better medical care, how you can get better quicker, and how you can get more money for your accident case. You can call our toll-free number where one of our experienced Connecticut accident attorneys will be happy to speak with you about the specific facts of your case or you can schedule a free consultation where we will be happy to meet with you to go over your case in greater detail. Do not wait until you have made a mistake in attempting to handle your own Connecticut Halloween accident case. Contact us today.