What If I Was Bitten on the Connecticut Dog Owner's Property?

One of our Connecticut dog bite lawyers was contacted by a mother who’s son was attacked by a dog while going to get his ball that had traveled onto a neighbor’s property. The neighbor’s dog, which could not leave the property because of an electric fence, charged at the boy and bit him on the leg. Could the mother have a claim against the dog owner, despite the fact that her child was bitten on the dog owner’s property?

The insurance adjuster had initially stated that there could be no compensation because the boy was trespassing onto the property of the dog owner. The insurance adjuster also stated that the dog owner did everything possible to protect people against his dog by having an invisible fence installed. In addition, the insurance company took the position that the child came onto the neighbor’s property, which precluded him from receiving any monetary compensation. Our Connecticut dog bite injury lawyer was able to provide the insurance adjuster with a case that indicated that the boy was not trespassing, and the boy deserved compensation for his injuries.

As a result, the injured boy was able to recover money damages for all of his medical bills, and was awarded money for the permanent scar that resulted from the dog bite. Connecticut’s dog bite statute provides that the owner or keeper of a dog is strictly liable for an injuries resulting from the biting dog unless the victim was teasing, tormenting, or trespassing at the time of the dog bite.

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If you have been bitten by a dog in Connecticut, it is important that you contact a Connecticut dog bite lawyer as soon as you can so that you can have your rights explained to you and the steps that you need to take to get better and receive compensation for your injuries.

There are a number of things that you need to do and also many things you should not be doing right after suffering a dog bite injury. There can be unique issues involving children that are bitten by a dog so it is also important to speak to an experienced Connecticut injury lawyer so you can be guided on the specialized care needed for your child to reduce the chances of permanent issues or scarring.

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