Cerebral Palsy The Symptons and How it Happens

1. What is cerebral palsy?

It is a phrase that describes a group of disorders that affect the ability of a person to control their muscles. CP, as it often referred to, is a disorder of the brain that can cause a number of problems which may include:

  • Problems in controlling muscles
  • Problems with walking
  • Problems using one’s arms or legs
  • Seizures

2. What are some of the medical mistakes that cause this problem?

Although there is no one single cause, it may be caused by mistakes made by doctors or hospitals. This situation can be caused in a number of different ways which could include:

  • Excessive force used in the delivery of the baby including the use of forceps
  • A delay in the performance of a necessary C-section
  • Failing to recognize on a timely basis that the baby is in distress
  • Depriving the baby of oxygen during the delivery
  • Failure to order specific tests during pregnancy and/or not properly interpreting tests
  • Lack of oxygen to the brain or trauma to the head during labor and delivery

3. If my child is suffering from CP what should I do?

It is extremely important to have an experienced medical malpractice injury attorney who has expertise in the handling and presentation of birth injury cases.

A birth injury attorney should be contacted immediately if one suspects that this condition was caused by medical negligence.

4. How do I go about getting experts to help me with my case?

Your birth injury attorney will be able to suggest a team of experts that can range from private investigators to doctors to economists to help develop your case.

5. Who will pay the expenses of hiring all of these experts?

In most cases, the law firm or attorneys will advance all costs and expenses of the case as they are incurred. Once the case is concluded, they would be reimbursed for their costs out of the recovery. In some states, even if there is no recovery, the client is still responsible for the costs and expenses of the case even though the client owes no legal fees. In other states, if there is no recovery, the client will owe nothing for the costs and expenses, which will be absorbed by the law firm or birth injury attorney.