How to Collect Money Damages for Your Connecticut ATV Accident Injuries

How to Collect Damages for Your Injuries

In 2006, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported that about 146,000 people were treated at hospitals for All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) related injuries. The industry likes to say that it is not the ATV that is causing the accidents and it is, in fact, the fault of the driver. 666 deaths from ATV accidents were reported in 2005 and the CPSC believes this number could reach well over 800. 95,000 Polaris ATVs were recalled because of problems in their control panels which could cause them to catch fire. Out of 33 sports, ATV riding has the largest risk of hospitalization.

Injuries from ATV accidents are more serious than most recreational injuries. The CPSC reported that only 2 percent of injuries from other consumer products result in hospitalization compared to the 9 percent that result in hospitalization from ATV accidents.Most deaths from ATV accidents are related to head injuries. Some nonfatal but serious injuries include abdominal injuries, spinal and head trauma and multiple trauma. Extremity and clavicle fractures, lacerations and abrasions are some of the less serious injuries that can result from ATV accidents. Victims of ATV accidents can suffer from both short and long term disabilities.

A party who suffers personal injuries in an accident caused by the fault of another could expect to collect monies for past and future medical care and treatment, past and future loss of income, damages related to permanent disabilities, loss of life’s activities and where appropriate, a separate claim could result for loss of consortium for the spouse.

After being in a Connecticut ATV accident, you should speak with an attorney at our office, toll free 888-244-5480. Since we are familiar with these types of claims, at the earliest possible moment to assist you in developing your case. As personal injury attorneys we can explore various theories of liability which may involve multiple parties. Additionally, speaking with an experienced accident lawyer can help you to maximize the value of your case which could result in your getting more money for your case