CT Child Injury Causes

If your child has been injured in some type of accident there are a large number of issues that will be present. You need to make intelligent decisions regarding your child's care and how their accident case is handled. There are many questions you should have regarding your child's health and how their injury case should be developed.

Where do you turn to for help? What do you do first? What things should you not do? When should you contact a lawyer? What if you don't have any money? Don't worry we are here to answer all of your questions.

There are many different types of ct child injury causes including but not limited to accidents, negligence or medical malpractice and could include:

• Birth Injuries

• School Bus Accidents

• Car, Truck and Motor Vehicle Accidents

• Dog Bite Injuries

• Daycare Injuries

• Playground Injuries

• Hospital Errors

• Doctor Errors

• School Crossing Injuries

• Slip/Trip and Fall Accidents

• Lead Paint Poisoning

• Defective Toy Injuries

• School Injuries and

• Sports Injuries

We have decades of experienced in representing injured children and their families. If your child has been injured you cannot afford to wait before contacting an experienced injury lawyer about your child's accident or injury case.

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