How Lawyers Prove Fault in an Accident

When you suffer a personal injury in any type of accident and come to our New Haven, Connecticut personal injury lawyers for help, we handle all aspects of pursuing compensation for your injury. One of the roles we fill is as investigators of your case. We will evaluate the details of your injury to pinpoint who is at fault.

Fault may lie with an individual, a group of people, a corporation or a business. Once we determine who caused your injury, our steps to prove fault may include showing:

  • The at-fault party had some legal responsibility to exercise care for your wellbeing.
  • This responsibility was violated by the at-fault party.
  • The violation of responsibility directly led to your injury.

When someone acts this way, their behavior is considered negligence. Careless, negligent actions can lead to the serious injuries of others.

As your lawyers, our tasks will include establishing the ways in which negligence caused your accident, and investigating the precise source of negligence. We have an extensive understanding of state laws and precedents as they relate to fault in personal injury cases, and we have the experience to prove who caused your personal injury.

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