Who Can Commence a CT Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

Each state has its own laws regarding who is eligible to file a CT Wrongful Death claim. In the state of Connecticut, parents, spouses, and minor children may be entitled to seek compensation in a CT Wrongful Death claim depending on the circumstances of the incident.

If the deceased loved one is a parent, the surviving spouse and dependent children may be entitled to seek compensation for the loss of financial support and benefits they would have received if the parent had not died as a result of the injury. The spouse may also be able to receive compensation for damages to cover grief and loss of companionship. Medical expenses and funeral costs may be recovered as well. If there are no children, then generally the surviving spouse will be the only person entitled to file a claim.

If a minor child dies due to the negligent actions of another, the parents may be entitled to file a wrongful death claim seeking compensation for medical expenses, funeral costs, and pain and suffering.

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