Three People Taken to the Hospital After Rear-End Car Accident in Ridgefield CT

An accident in Ridgefield CT occurred on September 29 around 2:30 p.m. at the intersection of Danbury Road and Laurel Lane. A car failed to stop in time and rear-ended another stopped car. The rear-ended car was then pushed into the rear end of a third car which was making a left onto Laurel Lane.

The driver who allegedly caused the crash was identified as Samuel Haynes, 27, of Cobblestone Place, Wilton. The vehicle Haynes struck was driven by Kathryn Backman, 19, of Laurel Lane, Ridgefield. Haynes, Backman and her passenger, Amanda Backman, were sent to Danbury Hospital for injuries of unknown seriousness. Both Backman's and Haynes' cars were towed due to serious damage.

The driver of this accident in Ridgefield CT was making a left onto Laurel Lane was identified as Edith Stillwell, 80, of High View Road, Ridgefield. Stillwell was not reported to have been injured.

Police issued Haynes an infraction for traveling too fast and for driving too close.

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