Common Reason for CT Automobile Accidents is User Error

When you are seriously injured by a CT automobile accidents you have so many questions. Do you speak to the insurance company of the at fault driver? How do you investigate the CT automobile accident? Who will interview the witnesses? How are all of your bills going to be paid? Don't delay in getting the answers you need. Call the Connecticut Car Accident Lawyers of Hastings, Cohan, & Walsh, LLP today for a FREE consultation at (888) 244-5480.

It has been stated that driver behavior behind the wheel accounts for more the 95% of all accidents rather than equipment failure, roadway design, and poor roadway maintenance. Factors that contribute to accidents include: alcohol; speed; multiple passengers; inexperienced drivers; and the darkness of roadways. Many people consider themselves to be skillful drivers, however, even the most skillful drivers can make mistakes that will alter lives.

When traveling at a high rate of speed the distance the vehicle needs to slow down increases. Many drivers follow too closely and will end up hitting someone as a result. Many drivers will have a drink with dinner, or other amounts of alcohol but the use of alcohol by drivers may slow down the reaction time of the driver causing a higher probability they will be involved in an accident. Drivers should also consider slowing down and paying greater attention to the road to prevent any accidents.

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