What is Legal Cause of Your Waterbury Car Accident Case?

A Waterbury car accident case can ruin you physically, emotionally and economically.  Who will pay your bills?  How do you go about getting your lost wages?  How much money are you entitled to receive for your injuries from your Waterbury car accident?  These circumstances create very difficult times that require immediate answers.

If your case is tried before a jury, then at the conclusion of your case the trial judge will give instructions to the jury that tells them how to apply the facts to the law regarding a number of legal issues. These instructions are referred to as jury charges. One such charge relating to a Waterbury car accident would be:

3.1-1 Legal Cause-Revised to January 1, 2008: If you find that the defendant was negligent in any of the ways alleged in the plaintiff's complaint, you must next decide if such negligence was a legal cause of any of the plaintiff's claimed injuries. Legal cause has two components: cause in fact and proximate cause.

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