What To Do After You Have Been Injured in a CT Accident Case

People who have been injured in some type of accident including car, truck, motorcycle, drunk driving or other motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, dog bite injury cases, child injury cases, premises liability case or other accident or injury case wonder what is the first thing you should do after your accident and that is seek appropriate medical treatment. Injuries suffered as a result of a fall on snow and ice can be quite severe, and could include broken or fractured bones, spinal cord injuries and traumatic brain injuries. Sometimes, due to the shock which your body endures the seriousness of these injuries are not immediately apparent and you may just want to go home rather than be seen by a medical professional in the hospital. For this and many other reasons, it is important that you be transported, preferable by ambulance, to a hospital emergency room to be thoroughly examined and checked out.

If at the time and place of the accident you are able, you should also take photographs of the accident site which may help to prove the liability of the at fault party. Those photographs might show what cause you to slip and fall or might show that the driver of the other vehicle hit you in your lane of traffic. Although photographs on a cell phone camera are not ideal it is certainly better than not having any timely photographic evidence at all. You should take as many photographs, if you are able, showing as much of the accident site as possible. If you are not able and cannot take any photographs at the accident site, ask a family member or friend to return to the accident site as soon as possible to take as many pictures as possible.  Good photos taken at or near the time of the accident depicting the cause or condition the accident can provide for an excellent means of providing evidence which could be the key to establishing the liability of the at fault party and proving your case.

You should also, as soon as possible and before you speak to any insurance adjuster, contact an experienced personal injury lawyer so that you are fully advised as to your rights and are told what things you should be doing and what things you should not be doing. This is why we wrote the book "The Crash Course on Personal Injury Claims" so you can learn all about an injury case, how it is investigated, developed and prosecuted. The book is FREE and can be ordered online at www.hcwlaw.com.

Insurance companies have a team of experts working hard looking for ways to pay you the least amount of money possible for your case. You can help them in paying you as little money as possible every time you speak to the insurance company or insurance adjuster. You have to realize that the insurance company representative is not your friend and is not looking to help you. Their job is to save the insurance company money. So do not speak with them and do not agree to give a recorded statement but instead. Don't forget that anything you say can and will be used against you.  So before you hire an attorney, speak to an insurance company representative or sign anything get a copy of our FREE book "The Crash Course on Personal Injury Claims" or call us right away and speak to one of our lawyers at 888-244-5480.