Understanding Your Westport Traumatic Brain Injury Case‏

An accident case in Westport, Connecticut resulting in a traumatic brain injury of an individual can be devastating to the family of the innocent victim. Any traumatic brain injury claim must be investigated immediately so the rights of the survivor are protected. You need an experienced Westport CT Traumatic Brain Injury lawyer to help you through this most difficult time. Find out what you need to be doing right away. Contact us today.

How does the jury decide who is at fault? What percentages of fault each party is responsible for? And most importantly, what damages are to be awarded to the plaintiff? Prior to the jury starting deliberations, the judge will charge or give instructions to the jury. Once such charge might address the issue of statutory negligence or negligence per se and could include the following directive:

Negligence can arise from a violation of a statute that creates a duty by declaring that certain requirements must be followed or that certain acts must not be done. By enacting such a law, the legislature has determined the appropriate standard of care to which an individual's conduct must conform. Conduct that violates the requirements of such a statute constitutes negligence. The plaintiff has alleged that the defendant has violated the following statutory (duty / duties): the complaint and text of relevant statutes. A violation by the defendant of a duty imposed by one or more of these statutes constitutes negligence. If you find that the defendant has violated one or more of these statutes then the defendant's conduct is
negligent as a matter of law.

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