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Roadway Obstacles for Motorcycles in CT

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While motorcyclists encounter the same road conditions as other motor vehicle operators, certain hazards can dramatically increase risk of an accident. To minimize the danger, it is important for motorcycle riders to be aware of potential roadway obstacles they may encounter.

Defective or Rough Roadways

It seems that municipalities and states allow roadways to fall in a greater state of disrepair, due in large part to the lack of funding for needed repairs. A motorcyclist is often confronted with potholes, uneven surfaces, bumpy roads and other conditions, which can make for potentially hazardous driving.

Foreign Objects in the Roadway

Small objects on the road might not be a problem for cars or trucks—due to their larger size and ability to easily maneuver around—but they pose a greater risk for motorcyclists. Examples of these objects include branches, tire treads, rocks, and falling objects.

Slippery Surfaces

There are many situations or substances that can create slippery surfaces on the road, from rain to snow to sleet to a substance spill. This can result in very hazardous driving circumstance—especially for a motorcyclist. Due to the less stable nature of a two-wheeled vehicle and their lighter frame, the risk of an accident with a motorcycle on a slippery surface is greatly increased. Some of these conditions could include antifreeze or oil spills, painted surfaces, a build up of leaves, and other debris.

Another roadway condition to be especially careful of is sand / gravel. If sand or gravel is on the road, it can make for very unstable travel and may result in a loss of control—especially for a less experienced operator.

Unique Roadway Situations

  • Grating on Bridges – Certain bridges have metal grates that allow for water or other small objects to fall through the spaces in the grates. This can create a very unstable surface for a motorcycle, especially when moving from side to side or changing directions.
  • Removal of Old Road Surfaces – Municipalities sometimes use large machines to remove old pavement before resurfacing the roadway. These machines remove the old surface in such a way that leaves ridges and makes maneuvering a motorcycle quite dangerous and creates the potential for an accident.
  • Expansion Joins & Edge Connections – Expansion joints allow two connecting sections of a road to move without cracking. These uneven surfaces can cause a situation where a cyclist can lose control of their motorcycle. Edge connections are where two traffic lanes create different heights in the lanes thereby posing the risk of an accident.
  • Animals – Motorcyclists can be confronted with a number of different wild or domestic animals on the roadways. These unexpected creatures cause a hazard. Whether a deer runs out into your path or a dog darts in front of your motorcycle, you are forced to make a split second reaction as to how to react which may result in an accident.
  • Standing Water – Pools of standing water can create several hazards for motorcyclists. A motorcyclist might lose control of the vehicle by virtue of hydroplaning on the road or a hidden pothole might be covered by the standing water, which might cause the rider to lose control of the motorcycle as well.

Knowing the various dangers present on the road can help protect you from serious injury and accident. Unfortunately, not all drivers use similar precautions. If you were injured because of someone else’s carelessness, you have the right to seek compensation.

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