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What Is My Injury Case Worth?
What Is My Injury Case Worth?

After someone has been involved in some type of an accident or has been injured in some way, through the fault of another, we are typically contacted by the injured party and one of the first questions they want answered is what is my case worse. If you do a search on line ...

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  • Injured in a Public Place, Store or Restaurant? Then You Must Do These Five Things!

    If you have been injured as a result of some type of an accident in a restaurant, mall, store, or other public place then there are procedures you ...

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  • Understanding Connecticut Teen Driving Accidents

    Connecticut teenagers have the highest crash and accident rates of any group. Many of the reasons that Connecticut teens get into so many accidents is ...

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  • Common Carrier Accidents: How They Happen and What to Do

    Causes of Common Carrier Accidents A common carrier is a means of mass transportation of the general public from one destination to another in ...

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  • Common Causes of CT Motor Vehicle Accidents and Car Crashes

    It is important to know of and understand the most common causes of CT motor vehicle accidents so you can hopefully avoid becoming the victim of the ...

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  • Types and Causes of Hospital Malpractice in Connecticut

    When the hospital staff in Connecticut engages in improper or negligent medical care or treatment of a patient resulting in harm or injury to the ...

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  • Understanding a Traumatic Brain Injury After a Connecticut Accident

    A traumatic brain injury or “TBI” refers to damage caused to the brain that results from an open or closed head injury the results of which are ...

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  • The Most Common Causes of Connecticut Wrongful Death Cases

    Connecticut Wrongful death can occur in a number of circumstances, which include: Motor Vehicle Accidents Drivers have a responsibility to operate ...

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  • How to Get More Money For Your Connecticut Personal Injury Case

    How to Get More Money For Your Connecticut Personal Injury Case! If you have been involved in some kind of accident - whether it is a motor vehicle ...

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  • Causes of Teenage Car Crashes in Connecticut and How to Reduce Them!

    Here is what causes teenage car crashes in Connecticut and what parents can do to minimize the chances of their children’s involvement. For decades, ...

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