How To Have A Safe New Year

It was such a great pleasure to say goodbye to 2020 and the great disruption that it brought into all of our lives. As we start in 2021, it would be helpful if we could find ways to make it better and safer. The recent snowstorm underscores many of the things that we can do to help protect ourselves, our families, and the public at large.

I was returning from a birthday party for my 89-year-old father when it began to snow rather hard. The roads were quite slippery and there was a great deal of snow that had yet to be plowed. It would seem to go without saying that people should be especially careful when driving during these adverse weather conditions.

Unfortunately, there were far too many people who were driving in a reckless manner that endangered all of the other people out there on the roadway. As I was driving north on Route 7, in the area where there are two lanes of traffic moving in each direction, I was shocked to see people speeding down the outside lane in either direction. If any of these vehicles lost control of their car they had a very good opportunity of sliding into the oncoming lane of traffic and causing a head-on collision.

Many people were driving cars that were not equipped to properly navigate the amount of snow and ice that was on the road. These vehicles were slipping and sliding and were creating the very real possibility of causing an accident. I noticed some elderly drivers and some teen drivers that were having great difficulty in navigating the roads as well.

A father I know told his teenage son to start driving home before the snow really began to fall and he was told by his son that he had new tires on his vehicle and that he would be fine. Unfortunately, due to the slippery roadway conditions, he lost control of his vehicle and hit a tree. Fortunately, he was not injured but the vehicle was significantly damaged.

In what ways can we personally exercise greater caution and good judgment in our day-to-day lives so as to avoid becoming involved in an accident? How can we better educate our children and teen drivers about how their lack of experience and understanding can put them in harm’s way? What else can we do to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and those around us from being injured in an accident?

Please have a very safe and happy 2021 and always look for ways to help reduce the risk of being involved in an accident.