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What We Recommend Our Clients Do When They See Their Doctor

Our latest video in our series How Can We… Help, tells you what we recommend our clients do when they go to see their doctor.

This suggestion is quite useful because it serves two purposes: first and foremost, it will provide you with an opportunity to get better quicker; and it can increase the value of your personal injury case. It is a wonderful tip for anyone that is going to see a doctor.

We recommend that our clients bring a healthcare advocate to each medical appointment. A healthcare advocate can be a family member or friend who is there for moral support, can help transcribe the advice and directions that are given by the doctor, and can help to clarify any points which are unclear.

We also advise our clients that they should make a list of all accident related restrictions, challenges, pain complaints and other problems and to make a list of all questions that they would like to get answered at their medical appointment. As they go through this list, and get answers to these questions, the healthcare advocate can write all of this information down. If either the client, or the healthcare advocate, is unclear as to what is being said or what is asked of the patient to do, then either the client or the healthcare advocate can ask a follow-up question to get some type of clarity.

Many of us, when we go to the doctor, are feeling quite anxious because this is not a situation that we are normally accustomed to handling. If you bring a family member or friend, who will act as your healthcare advocate, this person can help provide you with comfort, care and support and will make this experience less anxiety ridden.

We also recommend that the healthcare advocate write down answers to all of the questions and all of the recommendations made by the doctor before leaving the doctor’s office. This way all of the information is fresh in your mind, can be written down, and can be discussed between the client and the healthcare advocate so that everyone is on the same page as to what has to be done.

By following the doctor’s directives, the injured party will stand a better chance of getting better quicker and by providing the doctor with an update as to all of your accident related challenges, restrictions and problems, these items should make their way into medical records which will help to increase the value of your case.

If you have any problems or questions regarding your Connecticut accident or injury case, please do not hesitate to contact us as we will be happy to assist you without any cost or obligation.