How To Avoid One Of The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make After You Been Injured In An Accident

Our latest video in our series How Can We… Help, tells you how to avoid one of the biggest mistakes you can make after you been injured in some type of accident.

You might literally be amazed at how quickly you receive a telephone call from the insurance adjuster representing the person that caused your accident. The adjuster might tell you how sorry they are to hear about your accident. This individual might also tell you that they want to work with you to get your medical bills paid, to get your money for your loss of income, and to arrange for you to have a rental vehicle if you were involved in a motor vehicle accident.

The adjuster will go on to tell you that they need to get some basic information from you so they can open a file and begin to process your bills and lost wages. The adjuster will also tell you that this statement needs to be recorded. You are happy that the adjuster contacted you so quickly and you’re looking forward to getting your medical bills and your lost wages paid and you are eager to get a rental vehicle.

Why wouldn’t you speak with the adjuster?

The answer is you should never speak with the insurance adjuster. The insurance adjuster is speaking with you to determine how the adjuster can either pay you less money for your case or not pay you any money whatsoever. The adjuster will want to find out if you were going over the speed limit or if you are using a cell phone or if you could’ve done something to avoid the accident but didn’t.

The adjuster will also want to find out about your medical care and treatment. Did you have any pre-existing medical conditions? Did you have any pre-existing injuries? The adjuster will want you to downplay your injuries and may later claim that you were either not injured, you over treated or that you merely made a pre-existing condition worse so they are not responsible for any further care and treatment.

It is very important that you contact an experienced Connecticut personal injury attorney at the earliest possible moment because you could make a huge mistake in attempting to handle your case and not even know it. One of the best ways that you can make this type of mistake is to give a recorded statement to the insurance adjuster. When you get a call from the insurance adjuster merely indicate that you have a lawyer and get their contact information so you can have your Connecticut accident lawyer call the adjuster.

If you have any problems or questions or need any answers regarding your Connecticut accident case please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with free information and advice.