What Happens If You Were Hit By An Unlicensed Driver Or Someone Who Was Driving An Unregistered Motor Vehicle Or By Vehicle That Does Not Have Insurance?

We are sometimes contacted by individuals who are injured in a CT motor vehicle accident by a driver who does not have a valid license, or by someone operating an unregistered motor vehicle, or by someone that does not have insurance on their vehicle. The question that is asked is; what should I do?

These cases are always facts specific so a generalized answer is only as good as the facts of a particular case. The first issue that needs to be investigated in these types of cases is whether or not there is any type of insurance coverage available to the injured party. This may require a detailed investigation into who might be responsible and what type of insurance coverage they have.

The fact that a person does not have a license or that a motor vehicle is unregistered has no bearing upon the liability of the case. In other words, if the person operating the vehicle without a license or the person operating the vehicle that is not registered is negligent and causes the accidents then there would be liability on the part of that individual. Again, the facts of the case would dictate the nature and extent of that liability.

If there is no insurance coverage available to the person that caused the accident the injured party may have a number of different ways that they can access insurance through different applicable insurance policies. For example, does the injured party own a motor vehicle, and what are the limits of that person’s uninsured motorist coverage? Is the injured party living in the same household as a close family member who owns a motor vehicle so that the injured party might be able to access that family member's uninsured motorist coverage?

It is important if you are injured in some type of accident in Connecticut that appears to have complications, that you contact an experienced Connecticut accident attorney at the earliest possible moment so that a number of different issues can be investigated and claims can be made against the appropriate parties.

If you wait too long you may either completely destroy your case, in situations where there is some type of required statutory notice, or you could severely harm your case by doing something that is not in your best interest.

Our Connecticut personal injury lawyers are happy to discuss your case with you. Our CT accident attorneys will provide you with specific recommendations and will tell you what steps you should be taking to help maximize the amount of money you can get for your Connecticut accident case. We are happy to do this without cost or obligation so do not delay in getting this very valuable information.