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What are the best times to schedule an appointment with your doctor?

We have all had the same type of experience. We are scheduled to see our doctor at a certain time. We get to the doctor’s office 10 minutes early and notice that the waiting room is quite crowded. We check in with the receptionist and are told to sit down and wait to be called. After 20 minutes you check with the receptionist and are told that you will be called shortly. After 35 minutes you check again and are told the doctor is running a little bit late. At one hour you are asked to come into the examining room where you wait another 15 minutes before the doctor gets there.

So what are the best times to schedule an appointment with your doctor so you don’t have to wait these extended periods of time and become frustrated and upset and angry? The answer can be found in our latest video in our series How Can We… Help. This suggestion can help save you a great deal of time, energy and aggravation.

If you are going to schedule an appointment with your doctor there are two times of the day when you should make this appointment. One time is for the first appointment in the morning. If you schedule this appointment you will not have to worry about other people ahead of you that backup all of the other appointments of the day.

The other time that you want to schedule an appointment, if the first appointment of the day is either inconvenient or is unavailable, is for the first appointment after lunch. There will be no other patient’s ahead of you so you will not have to wait because of the fact that you will be the first patient seen.

Despite the fact that you make these appointments, you may be told that the doctor was called in for surgery or was running late at the hospital which would cause the doctor to be late for your appointment. Make sure you tell the receptionist, when booking your appointment, that if the doctor is running late that you be contacted telephonically so that you can make alternative arrangements to get there at the time when the doctor will be available.

If you are seeing a doctor because you are in pain or because you need medical care as a result of your accident related injuries the last thing you need to be is to be frustrated and aggravated about the amount of time that you have to wait to be seen by the doctor. This may also have an impact upon your ability to properly relay all of the information to the doctor about your particular situation because the doctor might feel rushed or you might feel upset about waiting so long.

If you have any problems or questions about your Connecticut accident case, please feel free to call one of our Connecticut personal injury lawyers so that we can answer your questions and advise you as to what you should and should not be doing.