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Who Will Pay Your Lost Income and How Quickly Will You Get Those Funds?

In this week’s edition of How Can We Help... you… We discuss the issue of who will pay your lost income and how quickly will you get those funds. There are a number of different ways that you can collect your lost income, depending upon the specific facts of your case.

If you were working at the time of your accident which was caused by a third party then you can file a Worker’s Compensation claim with your employer and you will be paid by the work comp carrier pursuant to the statutory schedule. You would also have a separate claim against the driver of the vehicle that caused your accident who would ultimately be responsible for any worker's compensation lien regarding your accident related medical bills and lost income.

If you are involved in an accident which was caused by a third party and you have insurance coverage under your own policy for loss of income then you could submit a claim to your motor vehicle insurance carrier and be paid up to the limits of liability regarding your verifiable lost income claim.

If you are involved in an accident which was caused by third party and you have no other insurance coverage available to you that would compensate you for your lost income then you would only be paid your lost income when your case was resolved either through a settlement, an award or verdict. In other words, the responsible party's insurance carrier will not voluntarily pay your lost income prior to a resolution of your case because ultimately they want to place you in financial jeopardy so you might want to resolve your case for the least amount of money possible.

It is important that you get the advice of an experienced Connecticut personal injury lawyer at the earliest possible moment so that your case can be properly developed, all claims can be investigated, all insurance coverage can be looked into, and so you can assist your Connecticut accident attorney in helping to get you the most amount of money possible for your case.