Moving through these difficult times together!

Many people have reached a point of great frustration with the pandemic that has affected us in ways that we could never have imagined. By now, many, if not all of us know a family that has lost a loved one to the coronavirus. We also have heard stories about people who have gotten the virus and have suffered for weeks and weeks with the horrible medical challenges that have resulted. We have all learned as a collective society to reduce our interaction with others and to restrict our conduct in ways that are very difficult. Fortunately, these restrictions have resulted in a flattening of this curve which will allow all of us to return to some level of normalcy in the not-too-distant future.

These are frightening times but they appear to be getting better. People are concerned about becoming ill and suffering greatly. There are major concerns with our loved ones who are either elderly or in compromised health as the effects of getting this virus could be deadly. As difficult as this may be for many of us in rearranging our daily activities I cannot imagine what it must be like getting up every day to go to work where you are on the front lines facing this invisible demon.

We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to all of those people would place themselves in harm’s way so that we are protected, provided for and our lives are made easier. To all of the amazing healthcare workers, first responders, police, fire, EMTs, store employees, delivery people, essential store workers, restaurant workers, and food preparers we all thank you for getting up every day and doing the work that is so desperately needed. After this pandemic is over, please remember the sacrifices that these people have made. Please patronize their stores, eat at their restaurants and food establishments, leave larger than normal tips, and go out of your way to do something nice as a way of saying thank you.

In addition to many of the horror stories which we have heard, there are so many other stories of compassion and caring and love that we hear and read about that involve total strangers, neighbors, and family members. We constantly read about the fact that we are all in this together and in reality we are. Please reach out to people that may need your help, who are isolated or lonely. There are so many little things that each of us can do that can touch so many other people. I made a call yesterday to a service provider and the woman that answered the phone said the name of the business and then her name and then she said: “ how can I make you smile today.” I immediately smiled and told her that she already did and I thanked her for that very kind gesture.

As named essential employees in the State of Connecticut, we are servicing our clients, speaking with insurance adjusters, assisting people with legal needs that may not even be associated with our practice area and we are helping people through this difficult time. Our reduced staff is in our office, in segregated areas, that are disinfected each day on multiple occasions. Although we do not meet with clients in our office, we are prepared to assist people in any way that we can help. If you need anything, please reach out to us. You can email me at or call my cell phone at 203-515-5088 and I will be happy to assist you the best of my ability. I hope you are enjoying good health and are remaining safe.

Call us here: (203)-438-7450

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