CT Fatal Accidents Skyrocket During Pandemic

There are so many things that do not make sense in this new world we are living in. In fact, fewer and fewer things surprise me despite the great unusual circumstances that we are experiencing. I just read an article that astounded me in its findings.

Naturally, the Corona pandemic has led to more people staying home and driving less so you would assume that the number of motor vehicle accidents and fatalities would be greatly reduced given the fact that fewer and fewer people are driving. A recent study found that empty roads may actually be more dangerous.

The National Safety Council stated that the fatality rate increased nationally by 14% based upon miles driven compared to last year, in one recent month. For the first three months of this year, California is among a number of states that have seen an increase in the number of roadway fatalities. One of the most shocking statistics is that Connecticut had a 42% increase in roadway deaths.

One explanation is the fact that because there are fewer people on the road more people are driving more recklessly. We have all seen people breezing through stop signs, driving through red lights, speeding because they do not expect to be pulled over by the police, and engaging in a number of other activities that are highly dangerous and could cause an accident.

Please be careful while you are driving. Please follow all motor vehicle laws and drive defensively. Do not be lulled into the false sense of security because there are fewer people out on the roadways that you are safer and do not have to give the same type of attention to driving that you otherwise would when there are more people out on the roadways. The rule might be that you need to be more vigilant and more careful despite the fact that you think you do not need to be.

Do not become one of these awful statistics. Be safe, drive carefully, be on the lookout for others that are not being as careful as you and always follow the rules of the road.