A Way that You Can Add Value to Your Case While You're at the Accident Site

This past Friday we posted our first video in the series How Can We… Help. Our very talented marketing director Justin, who has a degree in digital marketing, just finalized the edits for this video.

We plan to release a new video each Friday and then we will follow up with a blog post on Monday recapping what we posted. The first video talks about how you can add value to your case while you’re at the accident site. Many clients that we represent after they have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, are asked if they would like to be transported to the hospital in an ambulance. Most clients want to go home so they decline this offer.

This video talks about how this is the best course of action to follow because you can determine at the hospital what specifically is wrong with you and then a plan can be developed for follow-up care and treatment. It also advises you to be very specific in describing your pain complaints as this is one of the best ways to help the doctor treat you for your injuries and this information should also make its way into the medical record which will add value to your case.

These short videos provide very valuable information in less than 90 seconds so they are easy to watch and digest. We want to arm you with great information so you can make informed decisions as to how you would like to best proceed with your accident or injury case.

We look forward to hearing your comments and suggestions so we can make future videos even better. We would also love to hear from you about other topics that you would like to have discussed so please feel free to contact us with your suggestions or questions.