Accidents Involving a Traumatic Brain Injury

People who are involved in some type of an accident, whether it is in a car, truck or on a motorcycle, or due to a slip and fall or trip and fall, or a sports injury or some other type of injury may suffer some type of injury to the brain. These types of injuries are referred to as a traumatic brain injury or a TBI.

There are a number of different types of TBIs and the effects of which can range depending upon the severity of the injury. Basically stated these injuries involve the following:

Concussion-this type of brain injury is caused by a blow to the head or due to a violent shaking of the head and body. This may result in a loss of consciousness, but that is not a prerequisite of a concussion, and can lead to certain cognitive symptoms. These symptoms may include headaches, confusion, dizziness, nausea, memory loss, fatigue, overstimulation from noise and light, sleeplessness and ringing in the years. There is generally no specific cure for concussion but your doctor may tell you that you need to rest and restrict your activities until such time as your brain has recovered.

Cerebral contusion-this type of injury involves a bruise to the brain tissue. The symptoms of a brain contusion can range from mild to severe and some affects may be immediately apparent while others may take some time to evidence themselves. A contusion is localized while a concussion is more general in nature. Contusions generally result in a collection of blood outside of the blood vessel and may result in swelling causing a great deal of discomfort and many of the symptoms of a concussion.

Brain penetration-this type of injury involves some type of sharp object penetrating the brain. These types of injuries generally involve weapons such as a gun or knife, serious motor vehicle accidents which resulted in a fracture of the skull and certain sports injuries or injuries due to some type of violent conduct. The nature and extent of these injuries can be quite vast and great depending upon the severity and location of the penetration.

Acquired brain injury-an ABI results from damage to the brain caused by some type of internal force such as a stroke, tumor, or other condition that results from a lack of oxygen flow. Generally there can be two types of APIs which involve an anoxic brain injury which occurs when the brain does not receive any oxygen or a hypoxic brain injury which results from the brain not receiving enough oxygen. These injuries can be quite complicated depending upon the nature and extent of the injury.

Brain injuries can be either mild, moderate or severe depending upon the nature and extent of the injury and the damage which occurs to the brain. If you are involved in some type of an accident where you either have a head injury or are experiencing problems related to your head then it is very important that you seek immediate medical care and attention from the appropriate healthcare providers so that a proper course of treatment can be developed so you can get better as quickly as possible.

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