The Hidden Danger of Riding a Scooter

Scooter accidents across the country are on the rise. If you are ever thinking about buying or renting a scooter please consider the following:

Scooters have been banned in a number of different cities across the country;

The top speed of an e- scooter is 16 mph which feels like next to nothing when you are traveling in a car. So how can scooter injuries be so severe;

The chairman of the physics department at a major university indicated that 16 mph is 7.1 m/s which is roughly an average sprint speed; and

If you want to know what the impact will feel like, if you are in a scooter accident while traveling at its top speed, you could sprint full speed into a wall and that would approximate the impact.

So if you are off to some warm weather destination where rental scooters are available or if you are considering this as a potential mode of transportation, when the weather gets warmer, please be extremely careful and wear the appropriate safety gear.

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