How to Prove Liability in a Dog Bite Case

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I just got off the phone with somebody whose child was bitten by a dog and people that have dog bite injuries have a lot of questions. Many of them are the same questions that we get every single time we talked to somebody. And the first thing is, how do we prove liability in a dog bite case?

The answer is that in Connecticut, we have a strict liability statute which says that if a dog bites somebody, the owner or keeper of the dog is strictly liable. In other words, they are automatically liable without having to prove negligence. It should be noted, that there are certain exceptions in this, like you were teasing or tormenting the dog for example. So that's the first issue. The next issue is what should you be doing if you've been bitten by a dog?

If it is a significant dog bite injury like if it is a scar that is on your face, you should insist that the plastic surgeon in the hospital take care of any suturing of that injury because you want to make sure that an expert comes in and handles this wound the best way possible.

You should then contact us as soon as possible because there are a number of things that you need to be doing and there are a number of things that you should not be doing. Call us as soon as possible at our office number which is (203)-438-7450.

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