How much will various motor vehicle violations increase your insurance premiums?

The Zebra’s 2019 State of Auto Insurance Report was recently published and analyzes more than 61 million motor vehicle insurance rates to determine how certain risk factors affect insurance premiums. One such factor included motor vehicle tickets, accidents and insurance claims and how they affect your insurance rates.

Not surprisingly, your driving record, and in some cases your minor children’s driving record, can have a huge impact on how much you pay for your motor vehicle insurance. Although each state has different statutes and penalties for various motor vehicle violations the Zebra Report claims that states factor these violations into your motor vehicle insurance rates for up to three years.

The aforesaid report indicates that your motor vehicle insurance rates will increase by the percentages set forth below for each offense listed and they are, in ascending order, as follows:

  • Driving without Lights 3.4%
  • Failure to Wear a Seat Belt 4.0%
  • Failure to Use/ Have Child Safety Restraint 4.3%
  • Failure to Show Documents 8.7%
  • Driving with Expired Registration 10.9%
  • Cell Phone Use 19.6%
  • Texting while Driving 19.7%
  • Driving Too Slowly 20.7%
  • Wrong Lane Driving 22.5%
  • Illegal Turn 22.6%
  • Failure to Stop at a Red Light 22.7%
  • Speeding 23.2%
  • Following Too Closely 23.3%
  • Improper Passing 23.4%
  • Passing a School Bus 27.0%
  • Operating a Vehicle without Permission 32.8%
  • Driving with an Open Container 34.9%
  • At-Fault Accident 42.0%
  • Driving with a Suspended License 62.4%
  • Reckless Driving 70.4%
  • Racing 73.7%
  • DUI 73.9%
  • Refusing a Breathalyzer/Chemical Test 74.1%
  • Hit and Run 82.2%

As you will note from the above list, your insurance premiums will skyrocket if you engage in the very dangerous activities set forth in the lower part of the list. In addition to being very careful in how you drive and in obeying the motor vehicle laws, you need to have a very serious conversation with your minor drivers regarding the very important safety aspects and the financial ramifications of being charged with any of the more serious moving violations.

Drive carefully, be safe and share this valuable information with your friends and loved ones.

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