An Interesting Twist on Connecticut's Dog Bite Statute

Connecticut’s dog bite statute can be found at 22 –357 of the Connecticut General Statutes. The statute provides that if any dog does damage to either the body or property of another then the owner or keeper of the dog shall be liable for such damage. There are few exceptions which could include, but not be limited to, teasing or tormenting the dog or trespassing on the property where the dog is located.

Although the statute is generally referred to as the dog bite statute, there are a number of other situations where you can collect money damages as a result of being injured by a dog. Our office recently handled two such cases where we collected hundreds of thousands of dollars for individuals who were injured where a dog was involved.

In the first case, our client was walking in a public park with her dog. As she approached a turn on a path in the woods, another dog, who was off leash, came running around the corner striking our client and knocking her to the ground. As a result of this collision, our client suffered an injury to her knee and had to undergo surgery to take care of this problem. The dog did not bite our client but rather collided with her and we were able to collect a significant amount of money for her case.

In the other case, our client was riding a horse on a public beach, which was permissible, during the colder months. As she was riding her horse a dog came running down the beach, that was off leash, and attempted to attack her horse thereby causing the horse to rear up and throw our client to the ground. As a result of this fall, she sustained an injury to her hand. We were also able to collect significant money damages for her despite the fact that she was not even touched by the dog.

Connecticut dog bite cases can become complicated in certain situations. If you or someone you know has been injured as a result of a dog, whether being bitten, knocked to the ground or otherwise having some adverse interaction with a dog then you should contact our experienced Connecticut dog bite lawyers to get your questions answered and find out what you should and should not be doing.

We will also be happy to give you a free copy of our Connecticut dog bite book which gives you specific information about how to get develop your dog injury claim and how to get more money for your case.

Our Connecticut dog bite attorneys handle these cases on a contingency fee basis and advance the costs to develop your case which means you do not have to come up with any money out of your own pocket. If there is no recovery you will owe no legal fees and no costs.

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