This Motor Vehicle Accident Secret Could Ruin You Financially

If you are like me, you have purchased significant limits of liability on all of your motor vehicles. I have also purchased multiple millions of dollars worth of excess liability coverage in the event that I cause an accident and the injuries and damages are quite significant. You might be surprised to learn how inexpensive all this additional coverage is to purchase. I want to make sure that I have significant insurance coverage to the extent that I, or any one operating my motor vehicle, causes an accident where somebody is seriously injured or, in the worst possible case, dies.

You might be surprised to learn, as was I, that your motor vehicle insurance might not cover you if you are involved in certain types of accidents. I am leaving in several days to go to my daughter’s graduate school graduation in Washington state. Thereafter, I am renting an RV and will be driving with some family members to a number of different national parks.

To be on the safe side, I contacted my insurance agent and told him that I would be renting an RV and wanted to make sure that my extensive insurance coverage would apply while I was operating this RV. At first he told me he was not sure and then he told me he would check with the carrier and then get back to me. He later advised me that an RV would not be covered under my primary motor vehicle insurance policy. In other words, if I did not purchase supplemental insurance through the RV rental company, and I caused an accident, I would have no insurance coverage whatsoever.

I was shocked to hear this and was quite surprised that this was not common knowledge among insurance agents. My agent also told me that there are a number of other situations where you might not have insurance coverage which could include, but are not limited to, the following: renting a truck or moving van; renting a motorhome; and other situations that involve mopeds or other motor vehicles.

It is therefore vitally important that you contact your insurance agent before renting a motor vehicle to make sure that your primary insurance coverage carries over to the vehicle that you wish to rent. If it does not carry over to this other motor vehicle then you must purchase the insurance which is offered by the company leasing you the vehicle, if you want to be covered. This insurance is usually quite expensive but if you do not purchase it, and your insurance does not cover you in that vehicle, then you could be personally exposed to a significant amount of money.

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If you plan on renting some type of motor vehicle make sure you check with your insurance agent first to see if you are covered and, if you are not, purchase the appropriate supplemental insurance coverage. Be safe, be careful and be covered!