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How Long Will It Take to Settle My Connecticut Accident Case?

If you have been seriously injured in some type of accident one of the questions that you will want answered is how long will I have to wait to get money for my personal injury case. If you have been seriously injured you will have mounting medical bills, you will probably be out of work for a considerable period of time and will have lost wages and other household bills that will not be paid, you may even be left with a permanent disability which will affect you every day for the rest of your life. In addition to wanting to find out how much money you can get for your personal injury case you will also want to know when you can get this money. This is a logical and frequently asked question.

What is the Average Settlement Timeline?

Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. A personal injury case is driven by two main factors: the liability or fault of the other party; and the value of your injuries and damages. In order to determine when your Connecticut accident attorney will be able to resolve your case there are a number of factors that have to be investigated.

What if My Damages Exceed Insurance Limits?

If the person that caused your accident has insurance limits that are insufficient to properly compensate you for your injuries and damages, and there are no other assets to go after, then your Connecticut personal injury lawyer may be able to resolve your case with the at fault party's insurance company in less than six months. Hopefully, you will then have sufficient under-insured motorist limits so that your accident lawyer can go after your motor vehicle insurance carrier for the balance of the monies that will be due you for your injuries and damages.

Maximum Medical Improvement and Insurance Settlements

If the person who caused your accident has enough insurance coverage so that your injuries and damages can be paid to you then you will have to first reach maximum medical improvement for your lawyer to be able to properly attempt to negotiate a settlement for you. Maximum medical improvement is that point in time when you are as well as you are going to be. In other words, your doctor or doctors will say to you that there is nothing more that can be done to improve your medical situation. This will mean that you will either be in the exact same medical situation you were in one second before the accident or you will have some type of permanent disability. Your Connecticut personal injury lawyer will have to obtain this information before a proper evaluation can be made as to the value of your case.

Settlement Delays

If you have a case that involves a broken bone or a permanent scar then your Connecticut accident attorney may have to wait more than one year to get a final medical report from your treating doctor. There are other situations and circumstances that could affect the amount of time that it will take your Connecticut injury attorney to obtain money damages for you. Generally these cases could include, but not be limited to, situations involving the following:

  • disputed liability
  • multiple parties to the accident
  • multiple parties who might be responsible for your injuries
  • pre-existing medical situations
  • claims of over treatment
  • claims that you did not follow your doctor's instructions
  • claims that certain of your medical treatments were unrelated to this accident
  • claims that certain bills or expenses are either not related to this accident or cannot be properly tied to this accident
  • any one of a number of different issues

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