Do You Have a Legal Malpractice Case?

Legal malpractice cases involve a negligent or careless act committed by an attorney. A common error made in such cases by a lawyer is failing to file a lawsuit on time due to missing the statute of limitations date or not hiring an expert to prove liability or damages or failing to file the proper documentation with the court that results in your case being dismissed or any other negligent act that causes you some type of financial or compensable harm. If you feel that you have a case, where the value of the damages is at least $100,000.00, you should obtain the advice of an experienced trial attorney who has expertise in the handling and presentation of malpractice cases.

Legal malpractice cases are unique and are quite complicated because they involve a trial within a trial. You have to prove not only that your prior attorney has committed malpractice but you also have to prove your damages by trying the underlying case that this attorney previously handled where the malpractice was committed. Handling a legal malpractice case is a difficult and complicated process. It is best to have your case handled by an experienced CT Legal Malpractice Attorney. Contact our team at 888-244-5480.