Do I Need A Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyer?

Most people who are injured in some type of an accident in Connecticut wonder whether or not they can represent themselves or do they need to hire a Connecticut personal injury lawyer. The answer to this question is; of course you can represent yourself in your Connecticut accident or injury case as there is no requirement that you hire a CT accident attorney. That of course is the easy answer. You could also attempt to remove a bad tooth without hiring an oral surgeon or a dentist but that might not be in your best interest. It is possible to represent yourself in your accident or injury case and it may also be possible to remove your tooth but most intelligent people would not try to do these things on their own but rather, would hire an expert.

One of the greatest challenges that you might find in attempting to represent yourself in your own Connecticut accident case is that you do not know what you do not know.The way you will find out what you do not know is by making a mistake which could either destroy your case completely or could greatly reduce the value of your injury claim. This learning experience might cost you tens of thousands of dollars so why would you attempt to handle your own case without first getting the advice of an experienced Connecticut injury attorney or accident lawyer. One thing you need to understand is that in dealing with the insurance company of the at fault party yourself, the insurance adjuster will be trying to pay you the least amount of money possible and may tell you things that are completely false in an effort to pay you less than the full value of your case.

Many injured people think they can handle their own case and do not want to pay legal fees. This is quite natural and people want to get the most amount of money that they can. Interestingly, an insurance Institute study found that people who are represented by lawyers, in their accident and injury cases, end up putting more money in their pockets, after they pay legal fees and costs, than do people who represent themselves. In other words people that hire an experienced personal injury attorney will end up with more money after paying their lawyer than they would if they represented themselves.

To make your decision even easier, our firm provides new CT personal injury clients that hire our accident attorneys with a 30 day, no cost, no fee guarantee. Simply stated, if for any reason whatsoever you are unhappy with anything, during the first 30 days after you retain our firm, you can fire us, request your file, and hire another lawyer without owing us any legal fees or costs. It is just that simple.

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