Common Causes of CT Motor Vehicle Accidents and Car Crashes

It is important to know of and understand the most common causes of CT motor vehicle accidents so you can hopefully avoid becoming the victim of the negligence of another. Those causes can be summarized as follows:

Driver Behavior

There are common causes involved in most CT motor vehicle accidents. The leading reason for car crashes is driver behavior, which often underlies most other causes as well. Poor driver behavior takes many forms. Driver fatigue, distraction (changing the radio station, talking on a hand-held cell phone), speeding, aggressive driving and drunk driving all figure in driver behavior. Some studies believe slowing down to look at an accident scene is responsible for up to 16 percent of driver distraction accidents. Many jurisdictions are now permitting only hands-free cell phones while driving in an effort to reduce driver distraction.

Equipment Failure

Equipment failure is cited as a common cause of CT motor vehicle accidents. Equipment most likely to fail are brakes, tires, steering and suspension. Current vehicles employ modern technology, which has vastly improved on vehicle safety; however, these components still require regular maintenance and inspection.

Roadway Design

Drivers frequently indicate roadway design is at fault for car crashes. Road layouts are carefully planned by engineers to reduce hazards with the use of traffic control devices, one-way streets and signage. Federal and state governments designate certain standards that must be upheld in roadway design.

Roadway Maintenance

Poor maintenance of roadways may be a contributing factor to some crashes. Potholes, obscured signage and debris might have an impact on the likelihood of an accident. Road maintenance is the responsibility of local jurisdictions. No national standards are in place to ensure road maintenance is uniform across the country.


While motorists often declare weather as the reason for a car crash, it is rarely the culprit. Drivers are responsible for adjusting their driving according to weather conditions. For instance, icy roads are not the cause of an automobile accident; rather, it is the driver driving too fast for the conditions.

Poor driver behavior is not the dominion of any one group of drivers. Men and women of all ages and operating every type of vehicle are equally susceptible to poor driving habits. As well, every owner of a motor vehicle is ultimately responsible for the vehicle’s maintenance and repair.

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