Secrets Lawyers Want to Keep From You When Committing Legal Malpractice

Unfortunately a small percentage of any type of profession whether legal malpractice, medical malpractice or otherwise commit professional malpractice. So what secrets does your attorney want to conceal from you while committing professional negligence.

Missing Deadlines – A negligent attorney will either not have a proper calendaring system or will procrastinate until the last minute and may frequently miss a statute of limitations or filing deadline. Calendaring errors are one of the leading causes of attorney malpractice claims. A negligent lawyer may try and keep this information from you or provide you with misinformation regarding these issues. It is important that when you interview a lawyer you get detailed information about how the attorney’s office monitors all calendaring activities and whether or not they have had prior claims of attorney malpractice and the outcome of each case.

Lack of Competence or Experience – An overly zealous attorney may agree to take a case where there is a potential of a large fee without possessing the necessary knowledge or experience. Make sure that before you hire an attorney that you conduct a thorough interview and determine how many cases like yours the attorney has handled and what type of a result the lawyer obtained in each case.

Taking on Too Many Cases – An attorney who has a workload that they currently cannot manage is a recipe for a malpractice action. Does your attorney return your calls, are tasks done on a timely basis, is follow up done and reported to you, are you satisfied with the communications from your attorney. If you are constantly dissatisfied with the services your lawyer is providing to you it might be time to look for another lawyer.

If you feel your attorney has committed legal malpractice in the handling of your claim you need to speak with an experienced lawyer immediately.