How to Properly Document Your Connecticut Personal Injury Case to Maximize Your Financial Recovery

Document all evidence and matters related to your car accident, motor vehicle accident or Connecticut personal injury case so that the information can be reviewed and used by your attorney in helping to properly develop your case to get you more money. Specifically, you should at least do the following:

  • Keep an accurate record of all days lost from work because of your injuries.
  • Obtain and duplicate copies of all medical, hospital, and drug bills, and keep a record of all other expenses related to your case. Always keep receipts. Keep a list of the hospitals you have been admitted to and the doctors and other health care providers you have seen, noting the date and costs of each such visit.
  • Keep a very accurate record of all prescription muscle relaxants, pain medication, or other medicines you have taken to obtain any type of relief. This can be a very effective way of demonstrating the amount of pain you suffered.
  • If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, do not have your vehicle repaired until you have taken numerous pictures of the vehicle. Be sure to take pictures from every conceivable angle and from different distances in order to show all the damage. Write your name and the date on the back of each photograph
  • If your vehicle has been damaged, get a repair estimate. Save a copy of the estimate to help establish the collision’s severity.
  • If you have received any bruises about your body, you should take photographs of these injuries so that these can be used to further demonstrate the severity of the impact.
  • You should keep a detailed diary of all matters that are relevant to your case. For example, all doctor visits should be noted including what was said and all out of pocket expenses incurred, what problems did you experience as a result of your accident (sleepless nights, missed social engagements, postponed trips or vacations, tasks you now have difficulty performing, tasks you can no longer perform, etc.).

By following these simple instructions you can assist your lawyer in helping to better develop you case so you can obtain more money from the responsible party. If you do not have a lawyer, and you are seeking legal advice for your case, contact our experienced team of Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers today at 888-244-5480 for a free consultation.