Campsite Accident - Do You Have a Case Against Others?

With the current economic state, many families are camping rather than taking more expensive vacations this summer. An estimated 11,000,000 Americans camp yearly. Camping has a special appeal with natural vistas and outdoor activities.

Camping brings visions of trail hikes, canoeing, swimming, lazing on the beach, toasting marshmallows over the campfire and having a good time with family and friends.

As ideal as camping sounds, there are hazards, some of which can cause personal injuries or damage and loss to personal property.

Many campsites are equipped with electrical services. If these services are outdated or in poor condition, the possibility of an electrical fire exists. These electrical accidents can form the basis of a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit.

Campsite bathrooms and showers pose a slip and fall risk. Tile floors which are not kept reasonably clean and dry are potentially dangerous.

Swimming pools can be the scene of happy children playing while parents relax in poolside chairs. The pool can also be the backdrop to the common occurrence of slip and fall accidents because of a treacherously wet and slippery pool deck.

There may be more than chlorine lurking in pool water. Parasites in the water can cause severe stomach cramps and illness.

Diving into a shallow pool risks a tragic and often life-long injury to the spine.

At the beach, buried glass or other sharp objects can cause serious injuries. The same is applicable for any open playing fields.

Many campgrounds offer playgrounds for small children. Fractures are a frequent injury suffered by children falling off sometimes defective playground apparatus.

Family-oriented campgrounds often have a BBQ, or some other food, celebration and invite all the campers. Food that has spoiled from lack of refrigeration can cause salmonella, which, in some cases, is a very serious illness.

Campground operators carry a heavy liability burden. This means they are responsible for their acts and omissions. For instance, if they do not have warning signs posted that diving in the pool is prohibited or if they have permitted the electrical services to deteriorate to a hazardous state.

It is not only campground operators who have obligations and responsibilities; so do your fellow campers. If other campers cause you injury, damage or loss, you may have the right to seek compensation.

An example is a camper who brings an aggressive or vicious dog into the campground and lets it run loose or it escapes from his or her campsite. If that dog were to bite a person or, even another dog, the owner would have responsibility for injuries suffered by others.

Another situation may be where a camper builds their fire too high and the surrounding vegetation catches fire. If that fire were to consume personal property, such as tents, vehicles, that person would be liable for their actions.

While everyone expects their vacations to be great fun and to go home with special memories of the trip, sometimes campsite accidents happen that result in serious injuries or death.

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