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Many times our Connecticut accident attorneys and injury lawyers are contacted by people who have been injured through the fault of another and are looking to get answers to the great many questions which they have before them. The bulk of these people have never been injured in an accident and experience a number of negative emotions that run the gamut from being angry to being very anxious to being confused and very scared. Our Connecticut accident attorneys and injury lawyers have decades of experience in helping to guide accident and injury victims through the jungle of uncertainty which faces individuals and their families that are injured to the fault of another.

The questions which we are asked by Connecticut accident victims are varied but generally deal with the same issues. If it is a motor vehicle accident, the injured party will want to know who was going to repair their vehicle, can they get a rental car, if their vehicle is a total loss what is the value of their vehicle, when will they get their money, what if they have to pay off the loan, can they keep their vehicle even if it is a total loss, what upgrades are they entitled to that have been made to their vehicle, and a number of other pressing questions that deal with the property damage aspect of their case. Sometimes people will also have other items of value which are destroyed in the accident which were either inside the body of the vehicle or located inside of the trunk of the vehicle. A Connecticut Accident Attorney is able to assist you with the property damage aspect of your case and we do not charge a fee for the service.

The more pressing questions usually deal with a person's medical situation and the injuries that they sustained in the subject accident. The questions which we are asked about their medical situation generally involve issues such as what type of doctor should I be seeing, what happens if I don't have insurance, will the insurance company of the at fault party pay my medical bills as I treat with my doctors, should I see one type of a doctor over another type of a doctor, should I return to the emergency room if I'm experiencing pain, should I go to my family doctor for treatment, suppose I have pre-existing injuries how will that affect my case, how long will it take me to get better, when can I attempt to resolve my case so I can get paid for all of my accident related expenses, and a host of other questions.

There are also a great number of questions that we are asked regarding a person's loss of income which could include, will I be paid my lost wages each week that I'm out of work, who is to determine whether or not I can go back to work, if I use sick time can I recoup those days, if I use vacation time can I be compensated for this time, if I use personal time can I be repaid for this loss of time that I had to use because I was unable to work as a result of my accident, if I am self-employed and how is my loss of income calculated, and a host of other questions regarding lost income.

Perhaps the most frequently asked questions involve the value of an injured party's case. Connecticut accident victims often times want to know the answer to the question; what is my case worth? We tell accident and injury victims that it is not possible to accurately advise a client as to the value of their case at or near the time of the accident. We explain that, generally speaking, the value of an accident victims personal injury case cannot be calculated until that person has reached what is called maximum medical improvement or that condition whereby the person is as well as they are going to be. The damages that a person can likely obtain for their Connecticut accident and injury case, depending upon the circumstances, could include: past medical bills; future medical bills; past surgical expenses; future surgical expenses; past rehabilitative care; future rehabilitative care; past loss of income; future loss of income; damages for pain; damages for suffering; damages for loss of life's activities; damages for permanent injuries; damages for scars; psychological injuries; physical therapy; occupational therapy; retraining for a new career or occupation; and other injuries and damages depending upon a person's situation.

If you have been seriously injured in some type of an accident in Connecticut which was caused by the fault of another, then you should have a

number of very important questions that need immediate answers. Please call our toll-free number at 888-244-5480 and speak with Connecticut Accident Attorney to get your questions answered over the telephone or schedule a free consultation where we will be happy to meet with you, either in our office or some other location which you designate, to specifically review the facts of your case with you. You can also download a free copy of our Connecticut accident law and injury book. So before you hire a lawyer speak to an insurance adjuster or sign any paperwork contact an experienced Connecticut accident attorney and to get your questions answered right away.

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