Causes of Child Injury Death Cases

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The World Health Organization recently reported that nearly 1,000,000 children worldwide die each year as a result of accidental injuries. Additionally, millions more suffer debilitating injuries that could be prevented. Once a child reaches the age of nine years injuries become the leading cause of death. One of the ways to prevent these senseless tragedies is to educate parents about the causes of these fatal accidents and to educate them on how dangerous these situations can become.

The leading cause of death for and children under 18 is a motor vehicle accidents. Car crashes killed more than a quarter million people children year and injure approximately 10,000,000 others. This is also the leading cause of child disabilities. Parents should be aware of the fact that there are a number of safety issues that require attention. There are a number of safety restraints that can be utilized including car seats. Parents should have an extended conversation with their teenager about the dangers of operating a motor vehicle, the need to be hyper vigilant about driving motor vehicle, the fact that they should not engage in distracted driving, they need to follow motor vehicle laws and they should contact their parents, without any concern of repercussions, whenever a situation presents itself that requires the parents intervention.

Child drowning cases killed more than 175,000 children annually and up to 3 million children will survive a drowning incident. Unfortunately, many children incur brain damage as a result of a nonfatal drowning which presents the highest average lifetime health and economic impact of any type of injury to children. Parents need to be especially vigilant when they are around any type of water attraction when they are with their children. It only takes a few seconds for a child to get into situation where a drowning can occur. Parents need to always keep their eye on their children whenever they were in the pool, lake, water park or other body of water. Parents should make sure that their children have the proper type of safety equipment which could include life vests or other devices which allow them to float in the water. If parents should always keep their younger child whenever they are in any type of aquatic setting.

Fire related burn injuries kill almost 100,000 children year and that death rate is more than 10 times higher in low and middle income countries than in high income countries. Parents should be aware of situations that can create a great risk of danger involving the risk of a burn injury. Parents should have fire extinguishers present within the home in case a situation should occur which requires fast action to put out a fire. Wood stoves, fireplaces, barbecues, outdoor fire pits and kitchen stoves all present situations which could result in either burn injury or tragically the death of a child. Parents should also be very careful and should not allow the children to handle substances that are highly flammable. There it should also review fire safety techniques and the stop, drop and roll exercise that should be performed if their clothes catch on fire.

Approximately 50,000 children fall to their deaths each year and hundreds of thousands of others sustain serious injuries as a result of these holes. Parents should do an inventory of their home to determine if the are many hazards which could create a full injury. Parents that have apartments or homes that include a second story or higher should have the appropriate child safety devices installed around the Windows to prevent a falling accident. Parents need to be aware of the fact that children are very inquisitive and many times will place themselves in harms way by climbing onto objects and putting themselves into a situation that what adults would obviously know are dangerous. It is always a good idea for parents to do an inventory of their home to determine how they can make a childproof in an effort to prevent injuries and accidents.

Each year more than 45,000 children die from poisoning incidents. Parents should make sure that any toxic substances are not within the reach of their child. It is important that cleaning products, medications, and other toxic substances not be accessible to children which can create the real risk of being ingested by a child with tragic consequences. It is important that a parent make sure that their house is childproof in an effort to prevent these numerous tragedies.

If parents take the necessary steps to make sure that their child is placed in a safe environment, if they do an inventory of their home and childproof situations which present a risk of harm to their child if they are hyper vigilant in watching their children in situations that present risk of harm and if parents talk with their children about situations that could create an accident or injury then the risk of their child being involved in injury is dramatically reduced. If your child is injured in some type of an accident, caused by the fault of another, that we would encourage you to visit our website and download a free copy of one of our ebooks. You can also call our toll-free number at 888-244-5480 and speak with one of our experienced Connecticut child injury lawyers right away.

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