Norwalk Oyster Fest Swing Ride Injures a Dozen Children!

A swing ride at the Norwalk Oyster Fest in Norwalk, CT has injured at least a dozen children, some seriously.  As a practicing Connecticut personal injury lawyer, while attending the Oyster Festival in Norwalk the night before, I could not help but think about the prospect for someone getting seriously injured on one of the rides. These rides are often erected in circumstances that are less than ideal in a very short period of time. I could not help but wonder what type of maintenance and repair work was done on these machines on a regular basis that would reduce the risk of injury to children.

Amusement park rides, carnival rides and transient fairs provide an opportunity for injuries to children and adults due to the nature of how the rides are maintained, constructed, erected transported, maintained or repaired. These rides are sometimes taken down and disassembled in the rain and mud. The rides need to be taken apart, packed, transported and erected in a short period of time, on a regular basis, in a variety of different climates, temperatures and weather conditions. The workforce that performs these tasks does not appear to exhibit the same level of professionalism as you might find in a facility that is stationary, is indoors, is well lit and has the needed tools, repair items, replacement parts, materials and technical know-how necessary to make regular maintenance and repairs.

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