Connecticut Dog Attack Injury Lawyer

Our Connecticut dog attack injury attorneys and dog bite injury lawyers are frequently contacted by dog bite victims that frequently asked the same types of questions. People are sometimes attacked by a family member’s dog, the neighbor’s dog, or a dog that is on a leash. Many times a Connecticut dog bite injury victim will feel guilty in pursuing a claim against the owner or keeper of a dog because they do not want them to have to them pay out of pocket for the injuries and damages which they suffered. Many cases that involve a dog attack or a dog bite are covered under the dog owner’s insurance policy where the recovery for the resulting damages will be paid for by the dog owner’s insurance company.

If you have been bitten by a dog in Connecticut that is owned by a family member, friend, neighbor or someone that appears to be taking care of their dog you might also feel that you might not have a case against the owner or keeper of the dog. Connecticut has a dog bite statute that provides for strict or absolute liability against the owner or keeper of the dog with few limited exceptions. In other words, if you are not teasing, tormenting or committing some type of tort and are bitten or attacked by a dog then generally speaking the owner or keeper of the dog will be liable for your injuries and damages regardless of whether or not they were exercising due care. It also does not matter that the dog has not bitten anyone before or that the owner or keeper of the dog does not know of the dogs dangerous nature or propensity.

Connecticut dog attack injuries can cause significant pain, medical bills, and scarring from the bite. Many dog bite cases involve not just a tearing of the skin but also the underlying fat layer and muscles. These cases can leave large, ugly and disfiguring scars that require extensive surgery to reduce the appearance of the scar. It is important that you get the care and treatment of the appropriate doctor right after your Connecticut dog bite injury so that you can get the best possible medical result. Our Connecticut dog bite injury lawyers and animal attack attorneys, in an effort to educate dog bite victims, have written the book on Connecticut dog bite injury cases.

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Our Connecticut dog bite injury attorneys represent injured parties and their families on a contingency fee basis and advance the cost to develop your case. Our Connecticut dog bite injury lawyers are only paid a fee and recover our costs if we collect money damages for you. If there is no recovery then you us no legal fees and no costs. We take all of the financial risk in representing you in your case so you can concentrate on what’s most important which is getting better as quickly as possible. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you.