Bridgeport CT Train Accident What Really Happened?

The Bridgeport CT train accident has injured a significant number of people that have been treated at area hospitals. We were contacted this week by at least one individual that was on the train heading from Grand Central terminal to New Haven (the east bound train) and another individual who was on the train coming from New Haven headed to Grand Central Terminal (the west bound train). There appears to be a lot of conflicting information about exactly what happened at this juncture.

The individual who was on the New Haven train headed to Grand Central Terminal indicated that the east bound train had already derailed and that people were getting off of that train, while the west bound train was still in motion. She reported that it appeared that the conductor of her train was evidently unable to stop in time and at which point her train crashed into the other train. The individual who was on the Grand Central to New Haven train indicated that she felt a very violent initial impact, which was then followed by a subsequent impact.
There are conflicting reports as to exactly what happened and we are still in the early investigative stages of this CT train accident case.  The official investigation into this CT train accident will probably take a significant amount of time so we will have to wait for the National Transportation Safety Board's official report. The FBI has reported that there was no foul play.