Bridgeport, CT Train Accident Injures Many

Bridgeport, Connecticut - A Metro North commuter railway train derailed Friday, and slammed into another train headed in the opposite direction, injuring 60 people. CT's Governor, Dannel Malloy,announced at a news conference that five people were critically injured and one was very critically injured. Those injured in the Bridgeport CT train accident were taken to Bridgeport Hospital and St. Vincent's Medical Center, both located in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Gov. Malloy indicated that there was no reason to believe that this was anything other than an accident which has severely damaged the tracks and is likely to affect railway traffic between New York and Boston for an indefinite period of time.

Metro-North officials indicated that the train left Grand Central terminal at 5:30 PM and was due in New Haven at 7:18 PM when it derailed in Bridgeport at the Fairfield, Connecticut line. The eastbound train derailed which caused it to collide with the westbound train on an adjacent track. The westbound train left New Haven at 4:41 PM and was due in Grand Central Terminal at 7:18 PM. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority, which operates the Metro North lines, is the second-largest commuter railroad in the nation. The Hudson, Harlem and New Haven lines run northward from New York City's Grand Central Terminal into a number of communities located in New York and Connecticut. A full investigation of this Bridgeport CT train accident is underway which is being headed by the National Transportation Safety Board, which hopefully will conclude the on-site inspection by Monday.