CT Accident: How Do I Get Free Advice?

If you have been injured in a Stamford CT car accident case one of the issues that will need to be proven is liability. In other words, a determination will have to be made to see who caused the accident. Clients often times will want to know how we go about proving liability. There are many issues that will need to be investigated in a Stamford CT car accident case to determine who is at fault. Sometimes clients feel like this is a very easy thing to prove but many times there are a number of complications that make this determination somewhat difficult.

Basically stated, the plaintiff, or person injured, has the burden of proving that the other party was negligent. Negligence is a very broad area of the law that deals with a great number of types and causes of actions. Negligence involves the failure of one to exercise the level of care that a reasonably prudent person would have exercised under the same circumstances. If a person causes a motor vehicle accident one issue that would have to be determined is whether or not the person who caused the accident was negligent. In other words, did that person do something that a reasonably prudent person would not have done such as engaging in reckless driving or running a red light. Negligence involves a breach of that duty that one person owes to another whereby damages are incurred by one party as a result of the breach of duty on the other party.

Insurance companies and their lawyers will look to discredit plaintiffs or will try and find ways to attempt to blame the injured party for causing, or failing to avoid, the accident. The insurance adjuster might try and show that the injured party was traveling over the posted speed limit or failed to take evasive action to avoid the accident or that they were temporarily distracted and did not react in time. If the insurance adjuster is successful in reducing the fault of their insured then they will be in a position where they will offer less money to the injured party because of the fact that there is contributory negligence on the part of the injured party.

To the extent that this information seems somewhat confusing, it is meant to be. Insurance companies try and make these cases as difficult as possible in an effort to pay you as little money as they can. If you attempt to represent yourself, without first getting the advice of an experienced Connecticut accident attorney or injury lawyer, then you run the very real risk of greatly compromising the value of your claim. It is extremely important that you contact an experienced Connecticut injury attorney or accident lawyer as soon as possible.

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