Connecticut Lawyer Explains Lead Paint Poisoning Cases Involving Children

Unfortunately, many young children in Connecticut are exposed to lead based paint. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that at least 4 million households have children living in them that are being exposed to lead. There are approximately 500,000 children, ages one through five, in the US with blood levels above five 5 mcg/dL, the reference level at which the CDC recommends public health action be taken. Lead paint exposure often occurs with little or no obvious symptoms and it frequently goes unrecognized for some period of time which is why it is important to get frequent regular screenings for your child if you live or have lived in a property built prior to 1978. If your child has elevated lead levels than you should contact a Connecticut personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to determine your rights as it relates to your child’s lead paint poisoning case.

In 2012, the CDC established a reference level of 5 mcg/dL to identify children who have elevated blood lead levels. Until recently, children were identified as having blood lead levels, of a concern, if the test result was 10 or more micro-grams per deciliter. Lead paint and lead contaminated dust are the main causes of lead paint poisoning in children in the United States. Starting in 1978, lead based paints were banned for use in this country. Unfortunately, many buildings built prior to 1978 contain some lead-based paint. It is the deterioration of the paint that causes a problem.  Approximately 24 million housing units have deteriorating leaded paint and elevated levels of lead dust which can put young children at risk for developing lead paint poisoning.

Unfortunate children living at or below the poverty line who live in older housing complexes run the greatest risk of developing lead paint poisoning. Sadly, higher levels of lead paint poisoning in young children can cause serious physical and mental problems some of which may be permanent. These problems can affect every major system in a child’s body including their brain, nervous system, their stomach and digestive system, and can cause both physical and mental retardation in the growth and development of the child. You should immediately contact a Connecticut personal injury attorney if your child has lead paint poisoning so your child’s case can be investigated.

You, as the parent or guardian of your child, may be entitled to an award of money damages as a result of the negligent conduct of another for your child’s CT lead paint poisoning case. You do not have to worry about having money to pay a CT injury lawyer because these cases are taken on a contingency fee basis which means the legal fees are only paid if there is a recovery for your child’s case. You also do not need money to hire experts to develop your child’s lead paint poisoning case because those will be advanced by your Connecticut personal injury attorney and again will only be repaid if there are money damages collected. You need to get your child’s rights explained to you so you know how you should be proceeding. Our experienced team of Personal Injury Lawyers is committed to making sure you are protected. Call our toll-free number at 888-244-5480 or visit our website at and get this very valuable free information. Do not delay, get this information today.