The Worst News We Have to Give Our CT Accident Clients

One of the worst calls we get after someone has been injured in some type of CT accident or Connecticut injury accident is that we have to tell that person that they have done something very wrong that has really harmed their case or that by waiting they do not have a case. Injured people or their family members sometimes contact our office weeks or even months, after their CT motorcycle, car, truck or other motor vehicle accident case, asking if we could represent them. Unfortunately, in some cases these people have done things to negatively affect or destroy their case. They have unknowingly done something, or not done something, which has created major problems for their case because they waited to contact an attorney.

One such CT accident case might involve a State Highway Defect Case, under CT General Statute Section § 13a-144. This statute applies to highways, bridges or sidewalks. There is a statute that provides that a person may recover damages from the state if he or she is injured by means of any defective highway that was supposed to be maintained by the state commissioner of transportation. The statute states that an action can only be brought against the commissioner of transportation because of a defective highway if the plaintiff provides written notice of the injury and a general description of the injury, including the cause, the time and the place of its occurrence. The notice must be given in writing to the commissioner within ninety days of the event.

If an injured party has a claim under this statute and does not provide the State with the proper notice then any chance of recovering money damages might be lost regardless of how negligent or reckless the State was or how serious the injuries are and the damages suffered.

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