If you have been seriously injured in some type of an accident in Connecticut and you are looking to revolve your CT accident and injury case prior to trial one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of doing this is through a process called alternative dispute resolution or ADR. This type of the procedure usually involves a disinterested third party who is either agreed to mediate the case between the plaintiff and the defendant or in a judicial setting, is a judge.

It is a good idea to explore the option of engaging in alternative dispute resolution with your attorney. The key to having a productive ADR session is to make sure that you are fully prepared to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your case so that you will not be caught off guard or appear vulnerable. It is also a good idea to insist that the claims adjuster or person with the authority to pay the claim, be present at the meeting. Not only does the attorney who represents the plaintiff have to be fully prepared but the client also needs to be completely familiar with the facts of the case, his/her medical treatment, any pre-existing injuries, and be in a position to fully describe how this accident and the resulting injuries have affected your life.

It is important to hire an experienced Connecticut accident attorney and injury lawyer who is well-versed in the proper development of a CT accident and injury case so that you have many options available to you in which to attempt to settle the case so as to save you the time and expense of a trial. Even if your case does not settle through an alternative dispute resolution session you generally speaking will have received an increase offer from the insurance company and you will be fully familiar with all of the defenses that the at fault party's insurance company is going to assert at trial.

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